Novartis engages skilled and valued suppliers across the globe to provide goods and services that contribute to our mission. While our mission is global, we engage suppliers locally and these local engagements are governed in accordance with local laws and regulations.

This page is intended to provide practical information for suppliers on how to engage with Novartis locally such as:

  1. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  2. Invoicing Instructions
  3. Invoicing guidance and FAQ’s

The information is differentiated by Country and by Novartis Company where necessary. For suppliers using this information, be sure to select the documents corresponding to the entity and country that issued the purchase order.

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Third Party Code

Novartis promotes the societal and environmental values of the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to its Third Parties and uses its influence where possible to encourage their adoption.


Third Party Code (PDF 0.3 MB)

Third Party Risk Management

At Novartis we hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We recognize society’s expectations and that we must go beyond doing what is legal to meet society’s legitimate expectations.


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