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At Novartis, we are reimagining medicine

“At Novartis, we reimagine medicine to bring new treatment options to people with cardio-metabolic diseases.”
Paul Hudson CEO, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Heart failure: coping with one of the world's biggest killers

Patients with heart failure talk about their experiences, how they coped with their diagnosis and learned to live with the disease.

Living with heart failure

Empowering people with Heart Failure

Keep It Pumping is a worldwide community created to support and enable people with heart failure to lead better lives.

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  • A nurse measures a patient’s blood pressure in Cameroon.

    Living with hypertension in Cameroon on a few dollars per day

    Seeking treatment for hypertension when you make just a few dollars a day in Cameroon can be a long journey.

  • Capillaries and blood vessels

    Exploring longstanding questions about heart disease

    Our Global Head of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Research looks to apply new tools to address tough challenges.

  • People doing yoga to improve their heart health in low-income community

    Enhancing heart health in low-income communities

    The Novartis Foundation is working with partners to address hypertension in in low-and middle-income countries.

  • Mary-Ann Brown is a heart failure survivor

    Surviving with heart failure

    Heart failure affects 26 million people worldwide and is one of the most difficult chronic heart diseases to manage.