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Clinician takes blood sample to see if child has malaria on Myanmar/Thailand border

At Novartis, we are reimagining medicine

  • Nurse visits child with malaria in Kenya

    Novartis Malaria Initiative

    The Novartis Malaria Initiative focuses on improving access to treatment, helping communities in malaria-endemic countries deliver better healthcare and researching and developing next generation antimalarials.

  • MalaFA - Malaria Futures for Africa

    MalaFA is an opinion research study commissioned by Novartis to capture the views of African malaria experts in 14 sub-Saharan African countries on progress and remaining challenges toward the 2030 global malaria goals.

  • Healthcare worker attends to a child sick with malaria

    Malaria Initiative fact sheet

    Malaria is preventable and curable, yet it is still one of the most deadly diseases in Africa. Over the past decade, the Novartis Malaria Initiative has become one of the healthcare industry’s largest access-to-medicine programs.

  • Healthcare workers train to use SMS for Life to improve supply of malaria medicines

    SMS for Life fact sheet

    In remote areas of resource-constrained countries, supplies of medicines don’t always arrive in a timely manner. SMS for Life uses technology to improve access to essential medicines in these rural public health facilities.

Our Renewed Commitment to Fighting Malaria
  • 850M

    Antimalarial treatments provided without profit since 2001

  • USD 100M

    Investment to advance R&D of next-generation antimalarials up to 2023

Leadership Perspective
"Resistance to treatment presents the biggest threat to the incredible progress that has been made in the fight against malaria in the past 20 years. We cannot afford to wait; this is why we are committing to advance the research and development of next-generation treatments. At the same time, we need to work to ensure that our innovation reaches those most in need, even those in the most remote locations."
Vas Narasimhan CEO, Novartis
Malaria Initiative Stories
  • Young girl sits in health clinic in Mali

    Malaria is still disrupting lives, despite progress

    The disease hobbles families and economies.

  • Researchers work to find new malaria treatments at clinic in Mali

    Researchers overcome hurdles to test experimental malaria drug

    The race is on to find a new treatment before resistance to today’s drugs becomes widespread.

  • Researcher works to find new malaria treatments in Gabon

    Meet Martin Grobusch, malaria fighter

    One man’s fascination with malaria helps fuel the search for new treatments.

  • Agnes Akoth has dedicated her life to fighting malaria in Kenya

    A life dedicated to fighting malaria

    Lake Victoria in southwestern Kenya is on the front line in the fight against malaria, and Agnes Akoth is a key figure.