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At Novartis, we are reimagining medicine

World Water Week 2021

The availability of clean water is vital to our health. We aim to be a good water steward wherever we operate.

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Opening the door to recycling

A completely new approach to environmental protection has opened up in Brazil: doors and skirtings made from the raw material used for blister packing.

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A community approach to health equity

Patrice Matchaba shares how a lifetime of experience helped shape an effort to address healthcare disparities.

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Novartis COVID-19 Information Center

Novartis is responding to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. The information center provides a central hub for news, guidance and resources.


No Filter – When the kidney stops working

Watch our series exploring the problem of inflammatory kidney disease and the breakthrough science that might help to address it.

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The search of new options for patients with lung cancer

We’re working to bring the hope of advanced medicine to more patients.

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Discover how inflammation could fan the flames of cancer

Targeting inflammation to fight cancer is a new approach with a long history.

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Disclosure of Payments to Healthcare Professionals

Novartis publishes payments and other ‘transfers of value’ to Healthcare Professionals to increase transparency and build trust. Many countries disclose 2020 payments in June 2021. 

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