Novartis Privacy Hub

Welcome to the Novartis Privacy Hub.

On this site you can read our privacy notices, get in contact with us, and learn about our approach and commitment to data privacy.

Everyone expects their personal information to remain confidential. This includes anything that can identify them—name, work and home address, family information, employment or financial details, or more sensitive health information. We strongly condemn the disclosure of any information that could lead to any form of discrimination, as well as the use of identifiable genetic data without informed consent.

We seek to adhere to all privacy laws and enforce clear Novartis Data Privacy Principles, which also apply to genetic data. Our data privacy program includes a global organization and infrastructure as well as procedures and training to support local activities and help our efforts to ensure compliance. In addition, the Novartis Binding Corporate Rules are a system of principles, rules, and tools designed to ensure effective levels of data protection, in particular relating to transfers of personal information outside Europe and Switzerland.

We invite you to carefully read our privacy notices, which set out how we process your personal information and explain your rights and our obligations. 

These privacy notices address your interactions with global Novartis entities, including Novartis International AG and Novartis Pharma AG. For country-specific privacy notices, please visit the relevant local site.

Website Privacy Notice

This notice is for people that visit this website and other global Novartis websites.

General Privacy Notice for Business Partners (PDF 0.2 MB)

This notice is for healthcare professionals we create or maintain a relationship with, our customers or prospective customers who are natural persons (such as self-employed pharmacists), and representatives or contact persons of our customers or prospective customers who are legal entities (such as wholesale pharmacists).

General Privacy Notice for Third Parties (PDF 0.3 MB)

This notice is for our suppliers and service providers who are natural persons (such as self-employed persons), representatives or contact persons of our suppliers and service providers who are legal entities, and visitors to one of our facilities.

General Privacy Notice for External Stakeholders

This notice is for our external stakeholders, including institutional decision-makers, civil servants, politicians and political decision-makers, journalists and media, patient associations, industry affiliations, and influencers.

Privacy Notice for Pharmacovigilance Intake

This notice is for people that report adverse events, people that provide safety information concerning our products and submit product quality complaints, and people that are the subject of adverse events and product quality complaints.

Privacy Notice for Job Applicants and Candidates

This notice is for job applicants and candidates for roles within Novartis Group.

Twitter Community GuidelinesFacebook Community GuidelinesInstagram Community GuidelinesLinkedIn Community GuidelinesYouTube Community Guidelines

These guidelines are for people that visit our social media sites and pages.

If you wish to contact us regarding how we use your personal information, please email us at [email protected]. You may also write to us at Novartis International AG, Global Privacy Office, Fabrikstrasse 18, 4056 Basel, Switzerland. In order to facilitate the most efficient answer, please provide a description of your relationship with us and the information you would like to receive from us.

If you wish to exercise your data privacy rights, under the conditions and within the limits set forth in the law, please contact us at one of the addresses above.

Some states (including but not limited to California, Nevada and Texas), have state specific rights for their residents. Click here to learn more about those state specific rights.