With global biomedical innovation moving at an unparalleled pace, partnering fuels scientific progress and patient care. At Novartis, we're collaborating with innovators to address some of society's most challenging healthcare issues.

of our revenue comes from external innovation


countries where Novartis products are sold

8.6 bn

invested in R&D in 2023 (USD)

Partnering focus areas

We are an innovative medicines focused company working on four therapeutic areas and five technology platforms.

Therapeutic Areas

Partnering - Cardiovascular, renal & metabolic

Cardiovascular, renal & metabolic

Our efforts include use of early interventions and development of pioneering treatments, from prevention to management, as well as the creation of innovative access models. Our goal is to reduce and ultimately stop premature death and disability from cardiovascular disease.

Partnering - Immunology


We focus on discovering and developing transformative therapies, including small molecules and biotherapeutics that target the root cause of these diseases by modulating the immune system to restore health.

Partnering - Neuroscience


We look to deliver life-changing solutions and treatments that address the underlying cause of neurodegenerative, neurodevelopmental and neuromuscular diseases to dramatically improve the lives of patients.

Partnering - Oncology


We are committed to developing new therapeutic approaches that offer the potential of changing future treatment paradigms and patient journeys therapies for a range of common and rare cancers.

Technology Platforms

Partnering - Chemistry

Technology Platforms Chemistry

We aim to discover and develop breakthrough molecules by boldly enabling unprecedented biological space with suitably crafted compounds across diverse chemical modalities.

Partnering - Biotherapeutics


We strive to leverage cutting-edge science and technology to create novel biotherapeutics that deliver transformative impact in healthcare, and we are dedicated to advancing the production of high-quality biologics, with the goal of ultimately bringing safe and effective treatments to patients in need.

Partnering - xRNA


At Novartis, we are pursuing innovative and ground-breaking therapies designed to target RNA and silence disease-causing genes inside cells.

Partnering - Cell and gene therapy

Cell and gene therapy

We are pioneers on the cell and gene therapy frontier, working at the edge of possibility with emerging tools to bring entirely new types of treatments to patients with devastating diseases, including genetic disorders and certain deadly cancers.

Other areas of interest

In addition to our areas of focus, Novartis also looks to partner in other disease, research and technology areas.

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Partnering is at the core of our business

Partnering is at the core of our business

We collaborate to address some of society's most challenging healthcare issues and have a unified partnering strategy fueled by clarity, agility, accountability, and efficiency.

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