At Novartis, we believe that biomedical innovation will have an unparalleled impact on all humankind. We are excited at being leaders in this, and we are constantly looking for partners who want to share the journey with us.

Partnering opportunities

We are looking for partners as excited to try to bend the curve of life as we are. Please select your area of partnering interest from one of the sections below and we will connect you to the appropriate person.

Our approach to partnering

It is an energizing thing to work with Novartis, we want to create relationships, not just transactions – learn what you can expect if you collaborate with us and importantly, what makes Novartis different.

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Beyond the Deal - Making Sense of M&A, Alliances and Divestments

Join Novartis executives Christelle Sanglier-Bornstein, Global Head of Post-Merger Integration, and Knut Sturmhoefel, Global Head of Alliance Management, as they discuss establishing Novartis as a Partner of Choice across its portfolio of businesses with BTD Partner, Nick Palmer.


CEO Vas Narasimhan reflections during JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Discussing with CNBC Television about ESG and the impact of COVID-19 for the pharmaceutical industry.

Interview with Marie-France Tschudin, President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Novartis is making an effort to think differently about improving patient access to its existing medicines.

Sourcing innovation, strategically

Phil Gotwals, the Head of BD&L at NIBR, talks about his vision for the future of business development for research.

The Novartis Biome

A catalyst for impactful digital collaboration to create better healthcare solutions and seamless experiences for patients and caregivers, at scale.