Novartis Oncology Access (NOA) is a sustainable access solution which is designed to improve access in countries with very limited healthcare reimbursement systems. Through NOA, Novartis pursues a partnership-based approach, sharing the cost of its medicines with government healthcare systems, charities and other payers, or directly with patients without healthcare coverage who are unable to pay for the full cost of their medication.

Specifically, the program uses three locally-tailored, patient-centric models:

  • Shared contribution, in which national or provincial governments and other entities share the cost of treatment with Novartis;
  • Co-pay, in which the patient shares the cost of treatment with Novartis; and
  • Full donation of certain products.

We believe that through this partnership-based approach, we can extend affordable access to a broader number of patients in a sustainable manner.

Today, NOA offers assistance to patients in developing countries in Asia, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.