Scientists working in a lab at the Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research in Cambridge, MA.
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To make the most of medical innovation at a time when society’s expectations about healthcare are rapidly changing, Novartis is reimagining medicine.

The future of Novartis

Our future is as a leading focused medicines company, powered by data science and advanced therapy platforms. CEO Vas Narasimhan shares our vision.

Alcon becomes a separately traded standalone company

On April 9, 2019 Alcon becomes a separately traded company. Novartis and Alcon are now positioned to capitalize on significant growth opportunities and focus resources on their respective businesses and strategic priorities.

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  • Novartis Logo

    Novartis Logo

  • Corporate B-Roll

    This B-Roll includes footage of Novartis campus headquarters as well as Novartis pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and technological facilities.

  • Novartis Global Pipeline

    Novartis Global Pipeline

    Novartis has one of the industry’s most competitive pipelines with more than 200 projects in clinical development.

  • Novartis Annual Report 2018

    Novartis Annual Report 2018

    The Annual Report provides an overview of our strategy and reviews the performance of Novartis in 2018.

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