Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are at the heart of our work to bring innovative medicines to people with a particular disease or condition. These studies ensure that an investigative medicine is effective and safe, and rely entirely on patients and healthy volunteers. Learn more about clinical trials at Novartis including opportunities to get involved. 

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About Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a research study that is done to find out if a treatment can improve people`s health. A treatment can be a drug, medical device, medical procedure or a a change in a person`s behavior such as diet or exercise.

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Why should I consider to participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials help to develop potential new medicines, discover if certain medicines work better than others and find new uses for already-approved medicines.

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Participating in a Clinical Trial

Information for Patients

Deciding to take part in a clinical trial is an important decision, and it is yours to make. Before enrolling in a clinical trial, you should learn as much as possible about the trial.

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Trial summaries for patients

Novartis provides trial summaries for patients from Phase 1 through 4 interventional trials for innovative products. A trial summary for patients is a trial result written in easier to understand language than the corresponding technical result summary. The trial summary for patients is provided in English and the local languages of the trial patients.

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Ethics, Transparency and Disclosure
  • Ethics

    For every Novartis clinical trial our primary responsibility is to protect the safety, well-being and legal rights of all participants and ensure adherence to the highest ethical standards for clinical research.

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    Data Transparency

    Our vision is to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine. A big part of gaining this trust is being transparent – being open and clearly disclosing what we do, how we work and where we are successful.

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    Clinical Trials Results

    The results of Novartis clinical trials are made publicly available through peer-reviewed publications and posting of results on the Novartis clinical trial results database and other online public databases.

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    Diversity in clinical trials is integral to who we are at Novartis and we are working hard to improve both the diversity of patients enrolled in our clinical research and the investigators involved in our trials.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals and Researchers

Voluntary data sharing

Novartis is committed to sharing with qualified external researchers, access to patient-level data and clinical study reports from eligible studies.

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Managed Access Programs 

Managed Access makes investigational or unapproved treatments available to eligible patients with serious or life-threatening diseases.

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Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs)

As part of our commitment to delivering innovative therapies to patients worldwide, Novartis believes in the need to support ethical independent clinical research conducted by qualified third-party investigators.

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Latest Clinical Trials News

COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Novartis is sponsoring and co-sponsoring a number of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) clinical trials and participating in multiple research collaborations

Novartis COVID-19 Information Center

Clinical Trials Stories

A community approach to health equity

Patrice Matchaba shares how a lifetime of experience helped shape an effort to address healthcare disparities.

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Going the extra mile to keep clinical trials on track during the COVID-19 pandemic

A Novartis team couriers an experimental treatment across Europe to a patient as transit grinds to a halt

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