Two decades of volunteering at Novartis

The culture of volunteerism is a fundamental part of the Novartis corporate ethos. Here’s a snapshot of our efforts over the years.

Apr 20, 2018

For more than 20 years, Novartis employees the world over have been stepping out of the lab and away from their desks to come together in support of causes in their local communities.

Whether offering time and services for Community Partnership Day or providing continued support to a favored charity, the culture of volunteerism is a fundamental part of the Novartis corporate ethos.

Here’s a snapshot of our efforts over the years. For photos of this year’s volunteering efforts around the world, follow #NovartisCPD2018 on Twitter and Instagram.

Two Novartis employees help dig building foundations
Firm foundations: At Novartis, we’ve been supporting the volunteering efforts of our staff since 1997, when we introduced what is now our annual Community Partnership Day. (2000)
A group of Novartis employees in South Korea pollinate a tree by hand
Branching out: Volunteering activities can take many forms, some more unusual than others. Here, Novartis staff in South Korea lend a hand with tree pollination. (2000)
A group of Novartis employees guiding people with disabilities at a rally in Spain
Guiding hand: In 2015, more than 27,000 associates donated 200,000+ hours of their time for Community Partnership Day. Here, staff in Spain take part in a rally through Barcelona with members of Grupo SIFU, an organization that helps people with disabilities find employment.
A Novartis employee paints a window frame
A brighter future: Activities span the whole globe. Here, Novartis staff in Lima, Peru, help with the renovation of community buildings in their local area. (2014)
A group of Novartis employees with paintbrushes pose together
Team effort: The day gives staff the opportunity to help their local community while working alongside colleagues from across the company. Here staff in Horsham, UK, take a break from painting. (1999)
Novartis volunteers pushing elderly citizens in wheelchairs around in Basel
Out of office: Staff at Novartis HQ in Switzerland treat elderly citizens to a rejuvenating walk around Basel. (1999)
A photo of a classroom before and after renovation
What a difference a day makes: Volunteering has a positive impact in helping to foster ties between Novartis and local communities. Here, a school in Egypt before and after renovation. (2000)

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This article was originally published in 2017. It has been updated to reflect 2018 activities.