Novartis Social Business

An African nurse draws blood from the finger of a patient

Taking action to improve access to healthcare

Novartis Social Business includes our most important access-to-healthcare programs against infectious and chronic diseases.

Taking action to improve access to healthcare 

Novartis Social Business offers commercial solutions to support public health needs and increase patient reach.

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Malaria Futures for Africa and Asia

Novartis has launched three opinion research studies capturing the views of malaria experts on the ground.

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Novartis Social Business programs

Our programs provide a unique approach to different aspects of access to healthcare in lower-income countries. Explore our most important programs below.

  • A woman receives medication from a pharmacist in Africa

    Novartis Access

    A novel program bringing affordable treatments to patients suffering from key chronic diseases in lower-income countries.

  • A family watches as a nurse treats a young child for malaria

    Novartis Malaria Initiative

    Focused on access, treatment, R&D and capacity building, this is one of the healthcare industry’s largest access-to-medicines programs.

  • An elderly asian woman talks to her doctor

    Novartis Healthy Family Programs

    A group of innovative business models addressing healthcare needs of the populations living at the base of the pyramid.

  • An african woman uses her phone to check her medical records

    SMS for Life

    Working to eliminate stock outs of essential medicines through simple, affordable and widely available technologies