European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently approved two European Novartis sites for commercial CAR-T manufacturing.

Jul 24, 2020

As we continue to expand our manufacturing capacity for transformative CAR-T cell therapy (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently approved two European sites for commercial manufacturing. The sites located in Les Ulis, France, and Stein, Switzerland, will now support the supply of CAR-T cell therapy for patients in both commercial and clinical settings. This adds to the commercial capacity that already exists in our global network.

Commitment to patients

At Novartis, we are committed to serving advanced blood cancer patients with CAR-T cell therapies. For these patients, every day counts. We continue investing to enhance our global network of manufacturing sites to help as many patients as possible, as quickly as feasible.

I am very excited that with our growing capacity and capabilities, we will have the opportunity to serve many more commercial and clinical patients around the world. Every site approval brings us closer to our patients, while also supporting our ambition to bring additional CAR-T cell products to the market.

Steffen Lang, Global Head of Novartis Technical Operations, and member of the Novartis Executive Committee

Global CAR-T manufacturing footprint

With the addition of these two commercial sites to our existing facilities, Novartis has the largest geographical CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing footprint in the world. We have built a comprehensive, flexible and regionalized manufacturing network that includes Novartis-owned as well as contract manufacturing organization (CMO) facilities. As of today, we have a total of seven sites, spanning four continents: North America (USA), Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland), Asia (China, Japan) and Australia. With this expansive network, Novartis has established a robust CAR-T manufacturing supply chain that will support patients into the future.

CAR-T : A cell & gene therapy

Novartis is a pioneer in the field of cell and gene medicine. To learn more about this one-time treatment, manufactured individually for each patient, watch the video below. We are excited and remain humbled by the opportunity to serve many more patients with our groundbreaking CAR-T cell therapy.

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