MS is a disease with a progressive spectrum and many patients transition from the earlier stage of relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) to secondary progressive MS (SPMS) over time. However, everyone’s MS is different and so the path it follows is also unique. Novartis, together with physicians and patients, developed tools to identify early signs of progression. The tools use information about the symptoms of the patient and their impact on everyday life in the past six months. This information is used to facilitate the discussion between physicians and patients about the likelihood of transition from RRMS to SPMS.

MS Explained videos™

Multiple Sclerosis experts share their tips

The MS Explained video series aims to help people living with MS by providing advice and answers that support them with daily challenges they may face. Through the MS Explained videos, our experts take patients through a number of different topics they might experience during their MS journey.

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Making MS Decisions Together

Are you interested in having more collaborative discussions with your healthcare team about your multiple sclerosis (MS) management? Do you feel confident discussing your MS management with your healthcare practitioner?

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