Cancer is not one disease, but a constellation of diseases of immense complexity that cannot be solved by only one approach. Cancer is a societal issue that affects all of us and must be tackled with societal responsibility and collaboration at all levels. We at Novartis stand ready to do our part to support the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan and the Mission Board on Cancer.

These seven building blocks are essential to making the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan and Mission Board on Cancer true successes:

  1. An holistic approach with a stronger focus on the role of citizens and patients in improving cancer outcomes via eHealth literacy.
  2. A commitment to unmet needs – that bridges the research gap and demands attention for every patient, regardless of the prevalence of their specific cancer with focus on personalized and precision medicine throughout the entire cancer care continuum.
  3. Rapid regulatory changes - that reflect evolving science and allow for more tailored models to accelerate time to patient access to innovation.
  4. International cooperation to improve outcomes that matter most to patients, a new vision on data and digital-driven healthcare that enables sustainability and keeps the EU at the forefront of innovation.
  5. Guaranteed continuity of cancer care – to ensure people with cancer have access to oncology consultations and treatment, even during a pandemic.
  6. An EU Cancer Dashboard – to implement, measure progress and provide an overarching common framework (objectives, outcomes, measurements of performance indicators) for Member States to develop their national plans and for all stakeholders involved to be kept accountable for results.
  7. The fundamental rights: to be forgotten – to end the unjust stigma European cancer survivors face in areas such as insurance coverage and home mortgages - and to be remembered to ensure proper follow up visits adapted working schedules when necessary for those in recovery