Drug delivery, service delivery, and the future of cancer care

State-of-the-art Novartis manufacturing facility in Indianapolis fortifies the foundation of an entirely new paradigm in pharmaceutical drug delivery.

Apr 08, 2024

Next month, hundreds of thousands of spectators will gather at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch the most technologically advanced cars in the world race past each other at speeds of over 200mph. Each racing machine is a testament to how far technology has advanced, with speed and safety continuously reaching new heights.

Eight miles from the track, a new 70 000 square-foot manufacturing plant nestled next to Indianapolis International Airport represents a different kind of technological innovation. The state-of-the-art facility is solely focused on producing radioligand therapies (RLTs), precision medicines designed to find and treat cancer.

Just like the engineers stretching the limits of racing technology, our team of dedicated Novartis associates is pushing the boundaries with the goal of changing the future of cancer treatment.

Novartis has spent years evolving our processes to ensure RLT doses can reach patients in a timely manner, and we are the only pharmaceutical company manufacturing and delivering these treatments commercially around the world. Since 2018, many cancer patients have been treated with Novartis RLTs.

The newest Novartis RLT manufacturing facility, sitting at the crossroads of America, is testament to our ambition to make radioligand therapy the next pillar in cancer care.

“People living with advanced cancers need as many options as they can get. Innovation is vital for patients, and facilities that help ensure the present and future delivery of treatment are critical for patients,” says Courtney Bugler. As President and CEO of ZERO Prostate Cancer, she knows better than most the need for facilities like the one in Indianapolis, and the treatments they produce.

Real time photo of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, including NVS executives
Novartis officially marked the opening of its state-of-the-art RLT manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA on April 4, 2024.

The same vision that brought the first approved RLTs to the treatment landscape fuels their future, as Novartis continues to pioneer all aspects of RLT innovation. Unlike many traditional pharmaceutical medicines, the manufacture and delivery of RLTs operates on an intricate timeline. To help ensure patients are benefitting from this innovation, Novartis is spearheading a broader change with implications across multiple industries: from a sole focus on drug delivery to incorporating service delivery, too. And that new model is leading to collaborations that are novel for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Working with a network of partners, Novartis is implementing an industry-leading platform that combines live customer support, product ordering and logistics, and on-demand training and educational resources through a single-entry point.

Associate in full personal protective equipment using specialized equipment on the radioligand therapy production line
With its specialized RLT supply chain and robust manufacturing and delivery capabilities across a global network, Novartis is well-positioned to reach patients worldwide, not just today—but into the future.

The opening of the Indianapolis facility is just one step on a much bigger journey encompassing already-operational sites, planned expansions, and continuous introduction of cutting-edge technology—all of which will further extend patient reach and accelerate service delivery. It’s a journey through which we are evolving what a pharmaceutical company can be.

Because, while those cars eight miles away are racing towards a finish line, Novartis is racing toward a future where the promise of next-generation cancer care is realized.

You can learn more about the promise of RLT here.