Global Health

Mother waiting with child in clinic in Africa

Addressing global health challenges

At Novartis, we have a long-standing history in addressing global health challenges. Over the past 20 years, our approach has evolved from purely donation-based toward models with more sustainable social impact. Today, we apply our expertise and full organizational capability to address major, unresolved global health challenges.

Transforming health in lower-income populations

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    Disease-focused innovation

    We focus our scientific expertise to deliver medicines and healthcare solutions, targeting disease areas where we can transform lives.

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    Healthcare for underserved populations

    We work to make medicines and healthcare solutions accessible, irrespective of geography, income or local health system limitations.

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    Patient-first approach

    We prioritize the needs of patients, their families and communities, finding innovative ways to overcome barriers to sustainable healthcare delivery.

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    Health systems strengthening

    We work with multiple stakeholders to improve healthcare provision and create new opportunities for medical innovation to benefit lower-income populations.

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    Partnering with commitment

    We engage for the long term, working with partners and communities to bring complementary expertise and integrated solutions to address some of the biggest global health challenges.

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    Listening to society

    We listen to what society expects from us and use the insights to determine where we focus, and how we can deepen our role as a responsible citizen.

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    Ensuring impact

    Our programs are designed using rigorous goal-setting methodologies to ensure we measure and deliver true societal impact brought about by improvements in health.

Global Health Flagship Programs

We aim to adopt an integrated end-to-end approach to disease management for the elimination or control of four diseases where there has been market failure and little investment in research and development.


We have been committed to the fight against malaria for the past two decades. Today we are working on the development of the next generation of antimalarials.

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Sickle cell disease (SCD)

Novartis is pursuing a comprehensive approach to tackling SCD. We are developing innovative new medicines to treat it and are working to expand access to diagnosis, treatment and care.

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Chagas disease

Together with partners, we are committed to reimagining the fight against Chagas disease and advocating for an integrated, end-to-end care approach.

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For more than 30 years, Novartis and the Novartis Foundation have been working with partners around the world to eliminate leprosy – and we are committed to going the last mile.

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Expanding Access to Healthcare

The work of our Global Health Flagship Programs is closely aligned with our overall efforts to expand access to healthcare for lower-income populations – shifting the focus from neglected diseases to neglected patient populations. With the Novartis access principles, we committed to systematically integrate access strategies into how we research, develop and deliver our new medicines globally.

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Novartis Foundation

The Novartis Foundation aims to improve the health of low-income populations by working with local authorities and partners to re-engineer health systems from being reactive to proactive predictive and preventative. Furthermore, the Novartis Foundation focuses on how data, digital and artificial intelligence can transform global health.

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