Novartis Malaria Initiative

Nurse Agnes Akoth takes care of a child with malaria in Kenya.

One of the healthcare industry's largest access-to-medicine programs

The Novartis Malaria Initiative focuses on improving access to treatment, helping communities in malaria-endemic countries deliver better healthcare and researching and developing next generation antimalarials.

Malaria Futures for Africa and Asia

Novartis has launched three opinion research studies capturing the views of malaria experts on the ground.

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Working Toward a Malaria-free World

The Novartis Malaria Initiative is built on four key pillars – treatment, access, capacity building, and research and development.

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Joining Forces to Advance Public Health

From research and development, sourcing and manufacturing, to access and delivery, alliances and collaborations are at the heart of the Novartis Malaria Initiative.

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Our Commitment to Patients

We have witnessed remarkable progress in the fight against malaria in the past 15 years. We now need to maintain the progress achieved; this will require sustained efforts.

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