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We want to develop inclusive leaders who are self-aware and able to adapt to an increasingly complex world, whilst empowering their team members to reach their full potential. We are approaching this in two ways - by collectively reimagining how we work together and by providing the right conditions and opportunities for leaders to grow personally and succeed.

We believe our leaders play a critical role in driving and role-modeling our culture aspiration, and ensure that this is lived by all associates across the organization. We aim to enable our leaders to become their best selves. Supporting them to develop self-awareness, set a clear vision, remove barriers, hold oneself and others accountable to unleash the power, passion and talent within all our people including themselves.

  • Our comprehensive succession planning and development programs across different levels of the organization allow us to proactively identify and build the right capabilities so that we seamlessly deliver on our purpose to reimagine medicine. Our current leaders are mentoring and coaching the next wave of leaders, so that we can future-proof company leadership and direction, continuing to inspire innovation and healthcare transformation.
  • As part of our unbossed culture we create opportunities for our associates to take ownership of their growth by democratizing learning and development across all areas of Novartis. To do so, we are using the power of Artificial Intelligence to personalize career and learning opportunities, and allow our associates to actively drive their development. Our next-generation talent solutions include:
    • Talent Match is an online networking solution that enables associates to plan their career and personal development by offering personalized recommendations of career opportunities, projects, short-term assignments, mentorships and more, while creating transparency of available roles organization wide. Additionally, it ensures associates are visible to those who are looking for specific skills to staff projects or roles.
    • Match Learn is a learning experience platform that offers personalized learning recommendations to meet associate goals and business needs, quickly identify and engage topic experts, and bring social learning into the flow of work.
    • My Potential is a self-assessment tool that allows associates to discover their potential, giving them evidence-based insights into their strengths and growth areas that help them shape their personal development and career progression.
  • We use employee engagement surveys such as Our Voice and Team Perspectives to continuously listen to our people and provide real-time insights, that will optimize the way we work together, leading to better business results.