Two climbers working together to climb up a rock face.

When it comes to cancer, there’s power in a good partner

Combinations of drugs could hold the key to overcoming some of the biggest challenges in lung and other cancers.

john tsai qna hero

To make a difference, start with patients

John Tsai, Head of Global Drug Development and Chief Medical Officer, describes how he balances innovation and patient needs.

Immuno-oncology, a puzzle that needs to be solved

Solving the puzzle of immunotherapy

From an eccentric idea to a revolution in medicine – the history of immunotherapy and a peek into its future.

Integrating ESG into strategy – Novartis Lecture 2021

Not a nice-to-have asset, but rather a critical driver for business and impact: watch the recording of the 2021 Novartis Lecture by Prof. George Serafeim from Harvard Business School on how to successfully integrate ESG objectives into corporate strategy.