Fighting malaria in Africa

The head of Public Affairs for the Novartis Malaria Initiative has a malaria story of her own to tell.

Nov 13, 2013

Rebecca Stevens Alder is proud to be working with Novartis and its partners Roll Back Malaria; Malaria No More; The Global Fund to fight HIV, TB and Malaria; The US President's Malaria Initiative; The World Health Organization; UNICEF; The World Bank; and UNDP. Thanks in part to their efforts, during the past decade, deaths from malaria have fallen 33 percent in Africa, particularly among infants and children.

Through its Malaria Initiative, Novartis has provided more than 600 million antimalarial treatments without profit during the past decade to adults and children who live in countries where malaria is widespread. But there is more to do. Despite all the advances, somewhere in the world, a child dies from malaria every minute.

Watch Alder as she discusses how some African mothers are still forced to make heartbreaking choices when their children have malaria.