Novartis maintained its position in the 2021 Access to Medicine Index, leading in its approach to product delivery, while performing strongly across all other areas of the Index.

Jan 26, 2021
Dr. Juliet Akoth examines a patient during a home visit in Kitui, Kenya

Novartis ranked second in the 2021 Access to Medicine Index (ATMIndex), maintaining the same leading position as in 2018, in recognition of its long-standing efforts to improve worldwide access to healthcare. Novartis performed strongly across all three technical areas and was the industry leader in product delivery, being highlighted as the only company that applies equitable access strategies in low-income countries for all its products assessed in this category.

The Index measures the performance of the top-20 pharmaceutical companies to improve access to medicines and healthcare in developing countries. It focuses on three technical areas: governance of access; research and development (R&D); and product delivery.

In the governance category, we achieved second place for embedding access to medicines in our corporate strategy through the Novartis access principles and having access-related incentives for our CEO and senior executives. Novartis ranked third in the R&D category and was recognized as the only company that both commits to post-trial access to all clinical trial participants and considers post-trial affordability in countries in scope.

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Novartis in Society ESG Report 2020


Novartis releases 2020 Novartis in Society report

Novartis pursues a combination of approaches to expand access to its medicines, including an emerging market brand strategy, social business models, zero-profit initiatives, and strategic donations. In 2020, the company reached 66 million patients globally through its access to medicines activities. Read more in our
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Reimagining access to medicines

How can we bring the benefits of our medicines to more people in a way that is sustainable for our business? It begins with a fundamental shift in the way we do business – with reimagining new ways to bridge the divide between those with access to critical healthcare innovations and those without.

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