Mar 04, 2022

Novartis condemns the war in Ukraine. This unprovoked act of violence harms innocent people and defies our mission to discover new ways to improve and extend people’s lives.

Novartis is committed to helping the humanitarian effort in Ukraine and will make an initial donation of USD 3 million to be shared between three humanitarian organizations:

We will also donate essential medicines, including antibiotics, for use in Ukraine. We are mindful that the current situation is rapidly changing, so we will work with partners and NGOs on the ground to make sure patients get the vital treatments they rely on.

Novartis will continue to review our financial donations and contributions of vital medicines to make sure people in Ukraine receive the crucial support they need now and in the future. We are also providing a route for our staff around the world to contribute to the relief of suffering in Ukraine via voluntary charitable donations.

We remain committed to providing access to medicines to patients in every country where we operate. At the same time, we are careful to comply with the new international sanctions imposed upon Russia. We have also decided to suspend any investments in Russia and stop all commercial marketing activities. Our purpose guides us and our focus is always on improving human health globally.

Novartis remains hopeful this war will reach a peaceful solution as soon as possible.

Updated March 14-15, 2022 with additional information about Novartis activities in Russia.