Apr 23, 2020

Starting May 11, 2020, Novartis will introduce company-wide a flexible working model that invites associates, country-by-country, to return to the office and restart on-site field activities, when possible and appropriate, based on the respective local situation and risk assessment. This is applicable to all countries and markets.

The health, wellbeing and safety of our associates remains paramount. This means each country leadership team, in accordance with local authorities, will decide when and how to loosen or tighten restrictions and voluntarily offer associates the opportunity to return.

Novartis fully recognizes that some associates are eager to return to the office while others may prefer to continue to work from home. So the decision to return is for each associate to make in accordance with their manager. No one should feel forced or pressured to return. To help associates in the coming weeks, the local leadership team will provide local guidance and support. Novartis continues to provide additional resources like coaching and learning tools as communicated earlier – irrespective of place of work.