Feb 15, 2022

Novartis welcomes the decision by the European Patent Office on February 8th recognizing our innovation by ordering the European Gilenya 0.5mg daily dose patent (expiry 2027) to be granted. This decision means the European patent in its designated countries will cover all generics with European marketing approvals for fingolimod 0.5mg.

Novartis in Neuroscience

At Novartis Neuroscience, we have been tackling neurological conditions for more than 80 years, launching transformative treatments which have made meaningful differences to millions of people worldwide. We continue to collaborate on industry-leading treatments in multiple sclerosis, pediatric neurology, neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatry because we know through innovation, partnership and community engagement early on, we can improve the standard of care.

To ensure patients everywhere can benefit from these life-changing therapies, we work closely with key stakeholders across the world to ensure rapid and sustainable access to our medicines.