Below the map of Africa, a mosquito sits on  an arm. At the bottom of the page eight logos are included: Elimination 8, University  of Oxford, RBM Partnership to End Malaria, Malaria Consortium, Malaria No More US, Malaria No More UK, KEMRI Wellcome Trust

The MalaFA CA (Malaria Futures for Central Africa supplementary report) is the latest extension of the Malaria Futures for Africa (MalaFA) study, commissioned by Novartis, which has already conducted similar research across 15 countries in Africa. The new supplementary report involved interviews with politicians, senior civil servants, malaria program directors, researchers and NGOs in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. All four are countries that have a significant malaria burden and differing policies in place to fight the disease. Study co-chairs are Dr Richard Kamwi, Ambassador, Elimination 8 (E8), and Professor Bob Snow, of the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust programme, Kenya and University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

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