At Novartis, we are committed to conducting our business ethically and with integrity. Our Doing Business Ethically Policy and supporting BeSure Platform serve as a powerful reminder of our core values and principles, and our unwavering commitment to responsible business practices.

We recognize the importance of maintaining the trust of our stakeholders, and we refuse to engage in any activities that compromise our ethical standards. Our Code of Ethics (PDF 4.1 MB) explicitly prohibits bribery and corruption, and we are dedicated to upholding responsible marketing practices in all our interactions with external stakeholders.

By maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, we ensure that our business practices reflect our commitment to our patients and our mission of improving their lives. Through our Doing Business Ethically Policy (PDF 0.4 MB) and supporting BeSure Platform, we remain vigilant and accountable in all our interactions, and we remain committed to continuously improving our ethical standards and practices.