At Novartis, we understand that transparency and accountability are essential to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders. We have participated in a collective action with other pharmaceutical companies to develop indicators that enhance reporting on anti-corruption efforts to external stakeholders.

Initiated by the Norges Bank Investment Management and facilitated by the Basel Institute on Governance, this action resulted in a guidance note that contains 17 indicators covering five broad themes, including Culture, Risk Management, Third Parties, Compliance Function, and Oversight.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we have outlined how we address these indicators for Anti-Bribery Compliance across different areas of our operations in our Anti-Bribery report (PDF 8.0 MB). This report provides a comprehensive overview of our efforts to prevent and detect bribery and corruption, including our policies and procedures, risk assessments, due diligence processes for third parties, and training and awareness programs for our employees.

We remain committed to upholding ethical standards and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders, and our participation in this collective action is just one example of our ongoing efforts to promote transparency and accountability across all aspects of our business.