The Healthy Family programs are innovative business models that build local, sustainable healthcare capabilities for base-of-the-pyramid populations. They address social issues that impact access to healthcare, such as education, infrastructure and distribution.

Novartis Healthy Family programs are active in India, Kenya, Uganda and Vietnam. Each program is unique and adapted to the country’s healthcare priorities and local customs. To be included in the respective portfolios, products need to be simple to use and tailored to meet the needs of underserved rural populations with a low disposable income.

Since 2007, the combined outreach for all projects across the four countries has brought health education to more than 75 million people.

Beyond delivering healthcare, these social business models also provide the people who work on the programs with jobs, income, and skills enhancement – opportunities that might not otherwise exist in rural communities.

Learn more about the Healthy Family programs in the 10-year Healthy Family report (PDF 2.0 MB) and the 2021 Novartis in Society Integrated Report.

Arogya Parivar – India

Children waiting at Arogya Parivar health camp in India

The Healthy Family programs started with Arogya Parivar in India in 2007. The program offers effective, low-cost medications against infectious and chronic diseases that are prevalent in rural India. Arogya Parivar has become an essential public health tool operating in 15 states across India and covering 15 000 villages.

Cùng Sông Khòe – Vietnam

Family screening at Cùng Sông Khòe health camp in Vietnam

Launched in 2012, Cùng Sông Khòe is a public-private partnership currently operating in 19 provinces in the North, Central and Mekong regions. Together with doctors in community health centers, the program educates rural people on disease prevention for several prevalent conditions, while also promoting better hygiene and nutrition. Cùng Sông Khòe also expands access to health services, including diagnosis and treatment.

Familia Nawiri – Africa

Diagnostic at Familia Nawiri health camp in Kenya

Familia Nawiri – Kenya

Launched in 2012 in Kenya, Familia Nawiri works with local residents, NGOs and outreach workers to address access and availability of medicines and doctors. Familia Nawiri collaborates with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, inviting government field workers at its events to conduct their own outreach efforts. In 2019, Familia Nawiri expanded its operations in collaboration with the Christian Health Association of Kenya in two additional counties (Nyeri and Kakamega).

Familia Nawiri – Uganda

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Uganda and the Uganda Protestants Medical Bureau as the implementing partner, Novartis launched Familia Nawiri in Uganda in July 2019.

In both Kenya and Uganda, implementing partners carry out activities through teams of well-trained Community Health Facilitators, Community Health Workers and Village Health Teams.