Darrin Stuart is the Director of the Cell Biology – Small Molecule Drug Discovery group within the Oncology department. His group endeavors to discover novel therapies toward targets implicated in cancer pathogenesis and applies genetic and pharmacologic approaches to understand the mechanism of action and resistance to small molecule drug candidates. His personal research focus is on RAS-RAF-MEK-MAPK pathway signaling, therapeutic intervention and resistance. In this field, Darrin has successfully mentored NIBR postdocs to publish their work in leading journals. As a project leader, he has led small molecule drug discovery teams from inception to clinical proof-of-concept.

Darrin received his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Alberta where he developed novel liposomal vectors for oligonucleotide delivery for RNAi-based therapy. His BSc (Hons. Biology) and MSc (Vision Science/Biology) are from the University of Waterloo.