We believe curiosity drives discovery. We know curiosity solves problems. We are convinced that curiosity powers innovation. We all need curiosity to learn. Novartis aspires to offer the best learning and development opportunities to instill this curiosity.

We believe that our innovation capability is a key competitive advantage, and to keep pace we need a new mindset, toolset and skillset to navigate ambiguity, complexity and change. While the tasks of tomorrow are unpredictable, there are human capabilities that remain transferable such as curiosity, adaptive problem solving, creativity, and empathy.

That is why we want to make sure that curiosity and creativity are uninhibited, as we aspire to offer the best learning and development opportunities.

Learning as an intention – we are investing in removing all barriers to learning and encouraging all our people to devote meaningful time into learning, education and skills development regardless of role, level or location.

We’re developing our people at every stage of their career with Novartis, supporting business objectives and personal goals.

Woman and girl playing a piano

The Novartis Learning Center of Excellence helps to shape personal development and learning opportunities, and includes:

  • A portfolio of learning programs that help our people power their growth, become innovators and entrepreneurs, reimagine medicine and learn about Novartis’ role in society.
  • Opportunities to learn, grow and get certified in new skills using online learning solutions like Coursera, with access to over 3 500 courses from over 190+ renowned global Universities and industry leaders.
  • A Digital Hub that stimulates new digital skills and ways of working, embracing new technologies as opportunities, and adds value to ways of working.

We believe that a love of learning grows when we share it with our communities and that if we are #CuriousTogether, everyone benefits.

Curiosity happens all year round and we regularly bring together communities of learners to stimulate debate and nurture free-ranging discussion that inspires our people to be more creative and energized.