At Novartis, we partner with highly-regarded pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally as a contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) partner, bringing medical innovation to life together.

A team with the right people, resources and facilities to help you manufacture biotechnological products to the highest standards. 

Our capabilities and services in various technologies cover your clinical and commercial needs. 


Our CDMO offerings

Multiproduct cGMP facilities ideal for clinical and commercial scale

Graph mammalian manufacturing range

Our fully integrated service offering allows you to choose the optimal scale (150l, 2kl, 3kl, 11kl, 13kl) for different phases of development, as well as for subsequent commercial manufacturing of your product.

Locations: Austria, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland

Flexible manufacturing in Novartis microbial competence center

Graph mammalian manufacturing range

Our microbial solutions allow you to choose the optimal scale (150l, 1.3kl, 3kl, 13kl)for different phases of development, as well as for subsequent commercial manufacturing of your product within a single site.

Location: Austria

Pioneers in cell therapy and gene therapy manufacturing

Our high-tech facilities cater to your clinical and commercial manufacturing needs. We produce gene-based cell therapies (e.g. CAR-T) and Viral Vectors (e.g. AAV, LV).

Location: Switzerland, US


End-to-end supply for nucleic acid therapies

Nucleic acid therapies open up a new era of medicine and have the potential to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

We provide manufacturing solutions for RNA products (including siRNA) and mRNA.

Services available from master call bank manufacturing, plasmid DNA production, peptide synthesis, LNP formulation and drug product.

Location: Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, US

Flexible drug product services for your needs.

Catering to a wide range of packaging systems and volumes, we provide aseptic fill and finish solutions with ready-to-fill bulk or with compounding based on your requests:

  • Vials (liquid, lyophilized)
  • Cartridges
  • Ointments and Visco Elastics
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Droptainers, Ampules, Sprays
  • Tubes

Location: Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland

Partnership for sustainable success

As your manufacturing partner, we strive to meet the highest standards in quality and regulatory compliance to help customers around the world.

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We follow a comprehensive Novartis quality assurance system.

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Over 40 years’ experience in biologics manufacturing.

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Regulatory expertise

Experienced with local and international health authorities like FDA, EMEA and PMDA.