In 2018, Novartis made a public pledge with the United Nations’ Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) to help close the overall gender pay gap by:

Monitor pay equity with global consistency

Monitoring pay equity with global consistency

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Removing the use of historical salary comparisons from our internal and external job offer process to remove possible bias

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Creating pay transparency

Two Novartis associates

Achieving gender balance in management

To sustain our progress , we renewed our EPIC pledge in 2023 to remain committed to maintain gender balance in management and review our human resources practices beyond base pay to eliminate any further potential sources of bias from the system; and to make the requirements of the new EU Pay Transparency Directive our global minimum standard for internal pay equity and pay transparency reporting.

While Novartis is deeply committed to diversity and is proud of the progress we have made, we always ensure that employment decisions are based solely on the qualifications, skills and experience of candidates for each role.

Addressing equity in healthcare starts with ensuring equity and inclusion in our organization. By choosing inclusion, we reimagine what is possible together.