Corporate Responsibility

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Addressing the needs of underserved populations

Corporate responsibility is endorsed and ingrained at the highest level of Novartis and is central to how we run our business.

Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Novartis has a sound strategy to navigate a world with a growing, aging population and continuously evolving healthcare needs. Our strategy supports the Novartis purpose and is centered around four key areas: holding ourselves to high ethical standards, being part of the solution on pricing and access to medicines, helping tackle global health challenges and being a responsible citizen.

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    Expanding Access to Healthcare

    Developing new and innovative ways to reach people in lower-income countries is one of our top priorities. To expand access to healthcare, we pursue a variety of approaches.

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    Ethics, Risk & Compliance

    We are committed to creating a culture of integrity and trust through strict adherence to the Novartis Code of Ethics.

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    Environmental Sustainability

    We strive to make efficient use of natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products.

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    Culture and Employees

    We work to promote the well-being of our associates and strengthen our company’s culture to support our ability to execute our strategy.

  • Corporate Responsibility Reporting and Disclosure

    Novartis has a strong history of corporate responsibility activities, and transparent reporting is a central part of our commitment.

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    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

    Novartis aims to hold itself to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical business practices. We take bold steps to increase access to medicines, tackle complex global health challenges, and do our part as a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Global Impact
  • 66m

    Patients reached through access approaches in 2020

  • 8m

    People reached with health education at awareness events in 2020

Corporate Responsibility Resources

Read our CR codes, policies and guidelines as well as our positions on main issues, and download key publications.

“Access in developing countries is not simply about a lack of innovative medicines – rather, it’s about the whole ecosystem required to deliver healthcare products and monitor their impact.”
Patrice Matchaba Group Head, Global Health & Corporate Responsibility, Novartis