The business of health requires high levels of trust. It is fundamental to our success. To achieve our aspiration to be the world’s most respected and successful healthcare company, we must earn and maintain the trust of our key stakeholders – the people we work with and the patients we work for to improve health.

For many years, transparent reporting has been a central part of our commitment. We publish an annual Novartis in Society Integrated Report, which covers our business, strategy and performance. We also, publish additional disclosures, including payments to healthcare professionals, organizations and patient groups, as well as clinical trial results.

As the transparency landscape is rapidly evolving, with more countries starting to introduce legislation that requires public disclosure of payments to doctors. Novartis is keeping pace with the developments and is committed to meeting new transparency requirements.

We also aim to be transparent about the results, impact, challenges and key learnings from our access-to-medicine programs.

Our overall goal is to enhance our transparency to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders by offering easy access to key data on important areas of our business.