If you’ve been away from Novartis for a while, we’d love to bring you up-to-date with how we’re transforming our company and culture to Reimagine Medicine for millions of patients, while giving our colleagues the best possible employee experience.

Corporate Responsibility

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With increasingly complex healthcare challenges around the world, we are constantly assessing what more we can do. How can we bring innovative medicines to more people faster and address the needs of underserved populations? And how can we do this in a way that is sustainable for our business?

Diversity & Inclusion

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We are building an equitable and inclusive workplace that values unique and curious minds, where we are all free to be our best and true selves. We seek to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to fulfill their potential and contribute to reimagining medicine. We value the diversity of our people, nurture an inclusive environment and work together to shape positive societal impact.

We are committed to pay equity and transparency, to gender balance in management, to diversity in talent acquisition and talent development, and to LGBTI equity at work and in our wider society. Find out more.


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We aspire, as part of our vision, to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. In late 2020, Novartis launched a new Code of Ethics created by Novartis associates for associates, to support our vision.

How We Work

Our colleagues now have Choice with Responsibility in how, where and when they work. Their choice offers flexibility, helps them maintain a healthy work/life balance, and their responsibility is to keep managers informed and align with colleagues for effective collaboration. Our on-site work-areas are being re-shaped to support activity-based working and the shift to a more flexible and collaborative working environment. We recognize individual contributions to Novartis, and reward our colleagues fairly through a new-look performance development framework, with financial and non-financial rewards, and recognition that matters to the individual.

Personal Moments

Parental Leave: Since the beginning of 2021, all our colleagues will be able to benefit from a minimum period of 14 weeks paid parental leave, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, when they welcome a new child through birth, surrogacy or adoption.

Employee Resource Groups: Supported by Novartis, our colleagues create and run a wide variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and voluntary networks that provide opportunities for connecting with others who share similar interests, experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. By organizing activities and events, these groups aim to increase understanding and awareness around their specific topics of interest, sharing diverse perspectives with the business.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is available at every stage of one’s career with Novartis, supporting both business objectives and personal development aspirations.

We value and nurture talent, and do everything possible to provide long-term Career opportunities for people around the world. On average, we have 18,000 career opportunities each year, with openings for international transfers and development roles. As part of our objective to Unleash the Power of our People, we are also introducing a digital Talent Marketplace where colleagues will be able to access short term projects, secondments and rotations, as well as permanent opportunities across the Group to support their personal growth and career development.

We are inspiring curiosity by encouraging our colleagues to keep Learning. We’ve invested in individual learning opportunities to enable colleagues to devote time to learning, education and skills development – providing vocational training for any colleague, regardless of role, level or location.

Additionally, our future leaders receive mentoring from our current leaders – and all leaders are supported by our Unbossed Leadership Experience (ULE), a developmental program that guides them through the process of self-discovery and deep personal growth. This gives insight into how others perceive their leadership, and whether behavioral shifts are needed to change their impact on others.


Scientists are working to develop drugs for individuals living with sickle cell disease

Benefitting from our continued focus on innovation, Novartis has one of the industry’s most competitive global Pipelines with more than 200 projects in clinical development.


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Our ambition is to be a catalyst for positive change and a leader in environmental sustainability.

We aim to drive Sustainability through our own operations, as well as those of our suppliers, and we are making good progress towards ambitious targets to minimize our impacts on climate, waste and water.


We’re supporting our colleagues and families with a shared, holistic purpose to embrace physical health and mental health, so we can be our best selves every day and everywhere. Our ‘Energized for Life’ program provides the tools and environment for our people to reduce stress level, become more mindful, present and energetic.