At Novartis, we see “Unleashing the Power of our People” as a key priority and as an important catalyst for driving innovation, performance and reputation, as well as enhancing our people’s work experience.

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Our aspiration is to foster an Inspired, Curious and Unbossed environment where people can fulfill their potential, value diverse perspectives and ultimately bring their best self to work every day.

Hybrid working

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As Novartis continues to evolve into a focused medicines company, we understand the need to move to a hybrid working model. We want to build strong connectivity while continuing to offer our people flexibility in how they work. 
True hybrid working is about adapting the work environment to the work to be done. In our case, our work can change the course of millions of individual lives.

Our unbossed working environment offers flexibility to how people work, where appropriate. This is enhancing wellbeing and collaboration, whilst fostering connectedness, developing our talent, stimulating creativity and driving innovation.

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Energized for Life is our global wellbeing strategy that aims to play an integral part in unleashing the power of our people at Novartis. Our work is a big part of our lives, but so are our lives a big part of our work. With Energized for Life, we want to support our people to be their best selves and help them to nurture their mental, physical and social wellbeing in an ever-changing environment.

An expert wellbeing team offers the latest wellbeing and performance science to support the balance of energy in our working days - and to transform the way we feel, interact, create, and innovate every day. ​

Some of our key activities include:

  • Wellbeing eLearn which was completed by all people managers in 2021
  • “How are you Feeling” webpage with resources to help manage stress, build up resilience and much more
  • Two third party smartphone apps to increase self-awareness and develop positive habits in areas including movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset, which are important for holistic wellbeing.
  • A network of over 800 Mental Health First Aiders
  • Wellbeing assistance: Employee Assistance program to help people with personal difficulties before the problems negatively impact their work environment

Rewarding our people – we are appreciating and rewarding our people fairly, with financial and non-financial rewards and recognition that matters to the individual: 

  • Spark - Our unbossed global recognition program, empowering associates to recognize and reward behaviors that spark success.
  • Compensation - Our compensation system offers competitive compensation that is aligned with industry practice and supports the realization of our vision to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine.

We also offer access to digital resources such as TIGNUM X to help our people and their loved ones thrive in a busy, complex world. It enables our people to self-observe, manage and sustain their impact, on themselves and on others. It helps them to purposefully manage their mental agility, performance resilience,


Have access to on-site fitness centers, or benefits/passes to external sports and gyms


Mental Health First Responders


Have access to Employee Assistance Programs or counseling services

Empowering the individual

Making sure that each of our people feels confident that their voice is heard, their opinions matter and their perspectives are an integral part of our ability to develop new medicines for patients around the world. Our activities include:

  • ‘OurVoice’: Quarterly employee surveys to check the pulse of our organization and make sure that we receive and action feedback to drive our Inspired, Curious, and Unbossed culture.
  • Team perspectives: is a way of encouraging and enabling associates to provide feedback to their managers. It’s designed to support leader self-awareness, transparency and positive change through a more regular exchange of feedback on how managers’ leadership behaviors impact their associates’ work, wellbeing and shape the culture within the organization.
  • ‘Live’ magazine: A weekly external digital magazine featuring news and topics related to Novartis. It also focuses on the people behind some of the biggest breakthroughs at the company, turning the spotlight on to individual skills and achievements.
  • SpeakUp: The SpeakUp Office provides a safe place where anyone, internal and external, can raise concerns about misconduct/unethical behavior at Novartis.
  • Xchange: an online platform to help our people from all over the world connect in new ways. Through Xchange we can collaborate with colleagues, learn about new cultures, travel the world while at home, organize after work events with colleagues, set up a linguistic exchange for children, boost foreign conversation skills, offer a relocation buddy service and more!
  • @NovartisLife Channel : An Instagram channel where we celebrate our people by sharing their inspired, curious and unbossed moments.

Parental Leave: One of the most life-changing moments our associates experience is becoming a parent and welcoming new life into their lives. In July 2019, we introduced equal paid parental leave of at least 14 weeks to all parents, regardless of gender. We believe that this will empower our people to make the right choices for the health and well-being of their families, by enjoying more flexibility and financial stability, at the times when it matters the most.