Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Novartis is powered by members of our talented digital community working with our ecosystem of technology and AI partners. Together, we are aiming to transform how we create innovative medicines, engage with patients and health care providers and improve operational efficiency. Ultimately, we are reimagining medicine. Human biology offers its challenges and also immense opportunities. We’re in a unique moment in time, where science, data and digital technologies are coming together like never before. However now, more than ever, we are determined that the power of AI can transform people’s lives. And we’re making great progress already.

Data Science in action: Supercharging our digital community

A strong and empowered data science community is expected to help accelerate our progress. As a testament to this belief we brought together 700 of our data scientists and key business partners to share, learn, and connect with a network of external experts and industry thought leaders. Over two days we showcased the incredible progress and collaborations our digital talent have delivered for our business and our patients.


AI has been around for decades. It was first used in the area of health in 1970, but we’ve entered an age where the volume of data and the speed of computing power have opened up even more possibilities.

Graph depicting the AI Landscape showing the relation among Supervised Machine Learning, Machine Learning from data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence

What is unique to health in this day and age, is the amount of data we have available to us. The human body is very complex, and while we have successfully sequenced the entire human genome, we still only understand a tiny fraction of human biology.

Over the past two years, Novartis has made substantial progress in our exploration of unchartered areas. We’re reimagining every area of Novartis with data science and AI. It’s never been a more exciting time to join us as a partner or team member.

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