The Novartis Health, Safety & Environment team (HSE) supports the life of patients, our colleagues and our planet.

As we go through our global transformation, our core focus is to create value for the business by contributing to company objectives and enabling productivity and growth by always pushing for smarter, easier and simpler HSE solutions.

As HSE experts and generalists, we have the ability to operate globally as well as locally depending on the business needs. This agility ensures we are able to adjust to changes as they happen whilst keeping on track with our strategic goals.

Our bold, ambitious goals in environmental sustainability and state of the art wellbeing programs enable the business and our global colleagues to be ready for the future.


HSE professionals


Countries with a permanent HSE presence

With the HSE transformation, we see the opportunity for personal growth and with an evolving employee culture allowing us to challenge the status quo to innovate, to feed our curiosity with multiple learning opportunities and encouraged to be our unique, best selves every day. Working with the Novartis HSE team has never been more exciting.

Your impact at Novartis:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders and making them part of the solution
  • Building and developing capabilities around the world
  • Standing next to our business partners in our ambitions
  • Working across Global, Regional and local teams
  • Touching the entire organization from research, to production, to sales (and everything in between)
  • Embrace our 'unbossed' culture and discover new ways of working in HSE

Your personal growth at Novartis

We are encouraged to

  • Stay close to the latest developments in innovative technology, data and digital
  • To participate in talent exchanges
  • Take part in global short term assignments
  • We have the opportunity to be a part of coaching circles with senior leaders

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