We had faced challenges with making enough PLUVICTO. Until recently, Novartis manufactured this treatment commercially only at its facility in Ivrea, Italy. Interruptions in the process—from manufacturing, weather, or transportation—would affect our ability to deliver PLUVICTO doses to patients. As a result, some planned treatments had to be rescheduled and affected our ability to schedule new patients for treatment.

With the new addition of our Millburn facility, production of PLUVICTO is expanding.

We are now supplying more patients in the US with PLUVICTO than prior to the shortage and expect supply to continue to increase in the second half of the year. We are now accepting new orders for all doses within the PLUVICTO treatment cycle.

If you or a loved one has been prescribed PLUVICTO and needs to schedule a dose, please contact your health care provider.

We are committed to increasing our ability to manufacture more PLUVICTO.

In addition to expanding manufacturing capabilities in Millburn, our new facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, expected to open by the end of this year, will be one of the largest radioligand therapy manufacturing sites in the world and significantly add to the supply of PLUVICTO for patients.

We are confident that we will be prepared to meet the growing demand for PLUVICTO as more patients become eligible for this treatment over the next few years.

We are now supplying more patients in the US with PLUVICTO than prior to the shortage and expect supply to continue to increase.

Visit our Treatment Center Locator to find the centers closest to you.

We take our commitment to quality very seriously. Each dose of PLUVICTO goes through multiple rounds of quality testing before it is shipped to a treatment site for a patient.

We are actively communicating with treating sites and doctors to inform them about PLUVICTO availability so that they can plan and schedule treatments for their patients.

Treatment sites place their PLUVICTO orders in our system, and Novartis processes and delivers the doses based on the order in which we receive them.

We’ve recently updated our ordering system and believe that the updates will better meet the needs communicated by treatment sites.

Please contact your health care provider for questions about dose scheduling/rescheduling.

If you or a loved one had to cancel travel reservations due to rescheduled or canceled PLUVICTO treatments, Novartis may be able to reimburse you for certain out-of-pocket costs on a case-by-case basis. To learn more, please call 1 844 638 7222.

Patients or care partners

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