A dedicated team to support your patients

Novartis Patient Support for Oncology is a comprehensive program that helps your patients during treatment.

Getting started with Novartis Patient Support for Oncology

Step 1: Patient Submits Service Request Form

 A patient must complete and submit their half of the Service Request Form, after which they will receive a confirmation number.

Patient Service Request Form

Step 2: HCP Submits Service Request Form

Your office can submit your half of the Service Request Form online or by fax. If your office is submitting online, the patient must submit their half first.

Please be aware of the following before submitting:

  • Your office will need the patient’s confirmation number and date of birth. The confirmation number can be obtained by calling Novartis Patient Support at 1 800 282 7630.
  • A digital signature of the prescribing HCP is not required for online submission. A member of the office staff authorized by the health care provider may digitally attest to the accuracy of the information on the Service Request Form.
  • The prescribing HCP still needs to submit a signed, original Service Request Form via fax.

The HCP may also print, complete, and sign the entire Service Request Form, including the prescription, and fax to Novartis Patient Support at 1 888 891 4924.

HCP Service Request Form

Step 3: Novartis Patient Support Processes Service Request Form

Novartis Patient Support will match the 2 halves of the Service Request Form and reach out to your patient and office with next steps.

Support throughout the patient’s journey with:

Insurance Support icon

Insurance Support

Help navigating the insurance process, including benefits verification and support with the prior authorization and appeals processes.

  • Benefits Verification: Once you’ve enrolled your patients in Novartis Patient Support for Oncology, our team will conduct a benefits verification to better understand your patients’ health plan coverage.
  • Prior Authorization: We’ll work with your practice through the prior authorization and appeals process to help navigate access to treatment, including:
    • Resources for submitting complete and accurate prior authorization requests or letters of appeal
    • Assistance in following up with a patient's health plan regarding status of prior authorization or appeal

Reimbursement icon

Financial Support for Eligible Patients

Assistance with relevant savings options for your eligible oncology patients, including the Universal Co-pay Program and affordability programs.

Universal Co-pay Program

  • At Novartis Patient Support for Oncology, we’ve made it easy for patients with private insurance to access financial support for their prescription co-pay costs on most Novartis oncology medications.
  • The Novartis Oncology Universal Co-pay Program is available for almost all Novartis oncology medicines. Eligible patients with private insurance may pay as little as USD 25 per month or less and Novartis will pay the remaining co-pay, subject to an annual benefit limit, per product*.
  • Encourage your patients to find out if they are eligible for the Universal Co-pay Program by visiting Copay.NovartisOncology.com or calling 1 877 577 7756.

Download the optional Co-pay Assistance Authorization Form

This form is used by patients to authorize their physician’s office to assist with the co-pay assistance process.

Download Form

Other financial support may be available for oncology patients without private insurance.

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation (NPAF)

Committed to providing access to Novartis medications for those most in need. NPAF is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-commercial entity. Patients who cannot afford the cost of their Novartis medication may be eligible to receive them from NPAF at no cost.

Visit PAP.Novartis.com to learn more about their eligibility requirements.

Acquisition, Coding, Billing Support icon

Acquisition, Coding, and Billing Support

Resources about appropriate distributors, codes, and billing.

Ongoing Support icon

Ongoing Support

Dedicated assistance from our team and educational resources to help support Novartis oncology patients as they start on treatment and throughout their treatment journey. 

Novartis Patient Support for Oncology provides patients with ongoing guidance to help them stay on track, including:

  • Dedicated support as patients start and continue on treatment
  • Access to oncology and product education materials
  • Information about lifestyle support
  • Collaboration and coordination with other Novartis Oncology Patient Support programs

To learn more about the Patient Navigator Program and obtain information about enrollment, contact Patient Assistance Now Oncology at 1 800 282 7630, prompt 3.

For questions, call us at 1 844 638 7222.

*Limitations apply. This offer is only available to patients with private insurance. The program is not available for patients who are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state health care program. Novartis reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this program without notice. Please see full Terms and Conditions or call 1 877 577 7756.