When it comes to promoting greater equity and inclusion, we want to have a broad societal impact. We are pursuing innovative approaches to address persistent disparities in healthcare among Black communities and other communities of color as well as the LGBTQI community, to encourage greater diversity in clinical trials, and to engage diverse suppliers to meet our business needs.

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Novartis has a long heritage of pursuing novel treatments for diseases that affect marginalized people in underserved communities and regions. We believe that by listening to different communities and populations with a learning mindset, we can better address health needs broadly and help build a better world for all.

Addressing Disparities in Care and Clinical Trials

Socioeconomic and racial disparities in healthcare remain a serious challenge requiring urgent attention. In tandem with the Novartis US Foundation, we are keenly focused on addressing healthcare disparities in underserved communities across the US through strategic initiatives and financial support.

In addition, Novartis is committed to improving diversity in our clinical trials through a variety of initiatives, including increasing diversity requirements for study enrollment, enlisting more diverse clinical trial investigators, and improving the cultural sensitivity of relevant informational materials. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the urgent need for greater diversity in clinical trials for new and better medicines, as the disease devastates minority and disadvantaged communities.

Diverse Supplier Protocol

Novartis believes in investing in the communities we serve, and has recently renewed our focus on increasing support of women-, ethnic-, veteran-, and LGBTQI-owned businesses across the US. Engaging with diverse suppliers helps us better address the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders, and is a routine part of our purchasing process. 

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