At Communications & Advocacy, we help engage the world in what Novartis does, how we do it and why it matters. We have the power to reach people’s hearts and minds, while cutting through the noise with a clear, authentic, credible and relevant voice. As trusted advisors and business partners, we work closely with the business by further strengthening the Novartis brand, its reputation and driving commercial excellence in communications.

Our Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach for Communications and Advocacy at Novartis

Our Focus:

Focused topics: we can focus on the most important and impactful topics and content for our audiences and business. We believe that less is more.

Focused geographies: we believe in raising the bar for communications across the entire company by influencing teams through inspiration – local teams understand their markets best and need to own their own campaigns, content and audiences.

Focused audiences: we won’t settle for communications that feature only push messaging and don’t pull the audience in by tapping into the platforms, topics, trends or moments that matter to them.

Our approach:

Audience-led storytelling: we spend time understanding our audience to create content that inspires curiosity and provides value. We believe in simple and beautiful storytelling; and creating media with the way people consume information in mind.

Shaping the environment: we will create and provide resources to campaigns which have scalable impact to build trust with key audiences, create more advocates, and establish meaningful and long-lasting partnerships.

Maximizing moments: we believe in deep collaboration and keeping our finger on the pulse of the world around us to own moments that matter for us and our stakeholders, and have the courage to step away from crowded moments where we would only create more noise.

Bring your skills to Communications & Advocacy

As we continue to evolve into a focused medicines company powered by advance platforms and advanced data science, the role of Associate Engagement is bringing the one-Novartis experience to life for our associates everywhere. We are a team of valued business partners and aim to play a strategic role in driving the business forward.

We engage and activate our priority audiences with our vision and strategy to strengthen our reputation, build trust with stakeholders and position Novartis as the most trusted and innovative medicines company in the world. We bring the full range of corporate strategy, thought-leadership and policy topics to our external stakeholders under the Novartis Brand umbrella.

We are bringing to life Novartis’ Commitment to Patient and Caregivers by embedding it into every aspect of how we bring medicines to our patients. We collaborate with our partners in R&D and Innovative Medicines, and co-create strategic partnerships and programs across therapeutic areas and geographies, building strong relationships with the patient community.

As strategic partners to the business, we have a unique cross-enterprise view and can steer and distribute our franchise key brand narrative to maximize their value and be an authentic voice to external audiences. We can bring the best of our teams together to deliver brand communications that enables long-term innovation and access to our medicines, achieving the greatest impact for patients and Novartis.

We collaborate with our colleagues across Communications & Advocacy to bring our innovation and culture stories to life - stories of our research teams on the leading edge of discovery and how we deliver transformative innovation. Harnessing our broad network, we can engage deeply with our key internal and external audiences to position Novartis as the leading scientific innovator and medicines company in the world.

Shifting media landscapes, always-on audiences and advanced analytic capabilities are our reality and present new opportunities to connect meaningfully with people and measure impact. We are seizing these opportunities, aiming to set a new standard for corporate brand positioning and engagement in our industry and beyond. We are a team of creative and digital talents, whose diverse expertise and experiences blend with a common mindset to create content that engages, informs and inspires.

Why apply your Communications skills at Novartis?

This is a great time to consider joining Communications & Advocacy at Novartis. You get an opportunity to

  • Experience a unique opportunity to help shape Novartis culture, support its cultural transformation and amplify the employee experience.
  • Support Novartis’ ongoing digital transformation through the use of technologies and become an audience-led, insights based communications partner for the business
  • Build trust with healthcare professionals and patients
  • Shape public/policy environment for advanced therapy platforms and treatments

What we offer?

  • Impactful roles that allow us to put best-in-class capabilities into practice, while addressing internal and external trends
  • Strategic focus on learning through regular webinars, masterclasses and our internal capability building program
  • Cross-country and cross-divisional collaboration on our journey to become OneNovartis

20 hours a month. This is the additional time I can spend with my youngest child due to the home office policy from Novartis.

Claudia, Communication Manager

Claudia, Communication Manager

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