At Novartis, we believe that diversity in clinical trials is essential to determine the relevance of data across the populations that our products are intended to treat. We are committed to improving access to and participation in clinical trials by using insights we proactively collect from the patient community for the design of trials, exploring novel technology-enabled solutions, and seeking out and implementing strategies to ensure that our trials reflect the diversity of the range of patients impacted.

We are actively working to increase education about and enrollment in clinical trials for communities with underrepresented populations through the following efforts:

  • Improving access to trials (getting to centers of excellence, partnering with local hospitals)
  • Obtaining patient and advocate feedback on trial design
  • Creating toolkits for patients and families on key milestones in the treatment journey
  • Educating legislators so they can advocate for their local constituents
  • Selectively partnering to accelerate enrollment through new technologies
  • Engaging within the industry to foster dialogue

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