At Novartis, we are committed to responsible business practices across our company. These include strong ethics and compliance, concrete measures to advance pay equity and transparency, greater environmental sustainability, and active engagement with policy leaders and others on important healthcare issues.

Ethics Risk & Compliance

We believe that responsible business practices start with holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. These standards are represented across Novartis in our Professional Practices Policy, which governs how our associates conduct business and interact with customers, including promoting medicines to healthcare professionals.

Our policy is built around five principles:

  • Put patients first
  • Fund responsibly
  • Act with clear intent
  • Engage appropriately
  • Research for the right reason

It commits us to disclose all financial and relevant non-financial support in our interactions with healthcare practitioners and the patient community, and to pursue other measures to foster greater trust with all our stakeholders. We have a strong compliance system in place to help us monitor and enforce our integrity standards companywide, and we are continuously improving it.

Policy contributions and advocacy

Novartis actively engages with policy leaders and other stakeholders as we work together to help patients and strengthen our healthcare system. Through lobbying, we are able to pursue constructive dialogue with officials to assist them in making informed decisions on healthcare policy, including patient access to innovative therapies, intellectual property and digital health. These efforts include making financial political contributions consistent with our commitment to transparency, honesty and integrity. For more information on our advocacy activities, please see our Novartis in Society 2019 US Report.

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