This section lists some of the frequently asked questions related to external funding.

Upon clicking the SUBMIT button, the system will immediately inform you if all required fields have been entered correctly for review. If no errors are indicated, your request will be submitted and an e-mail sent to the primary and secondary addresses (if one is provided) in the application informing you that your request has been successfully submitted and providing an ID number. E-mail notifications of the status of your request will also be sent throughout the review process.

You will receive an e-mail as soon as your complete application has been submitted and throughout the review process.

Yes, Novartis will contact you via e-mail should clarification be required on your request. Your prompt attention to these requests enables Novartis to provide a response for all requests in a timely review.

You can check the status of your request by logging into submission portal and entering the identifier assigned to that specific request.

Yes, Novartis will consider both accredited and non-accredited/non-promotional activities for professional medical education requests.

No, Novartis will not consider exhibit space as part of a grant request. Exhibit space must be arranged through a separate "fee for service" contract by contacting your local Novartis Sales or Marketing representative.

Yes, please submit a budget for all costs associated with the entire program including a breakout for individual costs where available.

No, Novartis cannot support a submission containing both a professional medical education grant request and a sponsorship/membership request. Professional medical education grant requests and sponsorship/membership requests should be submitted as separate applications. In addition, promotional activities (i.e. exhibit space/table displays, coffee table, WI-FI, entertainment activity, etc.) should be directed to your local Novartis Sales or Marketing representative for consideration.

In addition to the exclusions spelled out in the Educational Grants and Sponsorships and Memberships sections, Novartis will not fund for example the following as part of a request: overhead administrative costs, recreational components (e.g. golf, spa, resort activities), gifts to speakers or attendees, or activities in which speakers or participants are allowed to bring a spouse or guest to any meal function.

No. If the provider requires a separate Letter of Agreement to proceed with an activity, the Novartis Letter of Agreement will predominate. Novartis will not sign any other Letters of Agreement.


Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from Novartis that your application has been approved for funding and all of the required paperwork, including a counter-signed original Letter of Agreement, has been received by you. Any expenses incurred prior to receiving written support of the program by Novartis are taken at your own risk.

Previous support by Novartis does NOT guarantee future support as each request is evaluated on individual merit. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the US Professional Medical Education or Patient Advocacy Teams. Please do NOT contact your sales representative, medical science liaison, regional scientific director, or marketing personnel regarding the status of a request.

Novartis will review each submission in a timely manner. Your prompt response to requests for any additional information is critical to this process and appreciated.

Novartis is aware of the growing need for education and support for the medical and patient/caregiver communities. Many more requests are received than can be funded and we regret that we cannot accommodate every request. However, your submission will receive a fair and thorough review. In return, please take time to consider how your program fits within the therapeutic areas of interest for Novartis and the established regulations, laws and guidelines before submitting a request.