Reimagining Science in #InnovateForLife Campaign

Nov 17, 2020

The ‘Innovate For Life’ campaign, is a window into the world of medicines innovation right across the lifecycle - from discovery and development through to manufacturing and adoption by the health services. Developed by industry group, IPHA, #InnovateforLife captures the economic and societal impact of the pharmaceutical industry on patients’ lives, communities, and on science and medicines development. 

Novartis are proud to showcase how we reimagine science in cell & gene therapies. The video, filmed at Novartis Dublin, features scientist Darragh O’Donovan, working on gene therapy treatments and Managing Director, Audrey Derveloy. The story also features Professor David Keegan, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Laura Brady, Head of Research, Fighting Blindness.

The film tells a stirring story about Ireland’s heritage in pharmaceutical innovation and the new frontiers, Novartis, in collaboration with stakeholders, are pushing, to help make innovative new cell & gene therapies available for people in Ireland. 

Audrey Derveloy, General Manager at Novartis (Ireland), said: “Our work in cell and gene therapy has the potential to yield breakthrough treatments for the central nervous system, the eye and the blood. We believe in the promise of these exciting new medicines, and want to work in partnership with the healthcare system to provide access for patients in Ireland. Our scientists, in Dublin, are working on gene therapy treatments in these areas offering hope for patients with a number of genetic conditions. We were delighted to be able to tell some of that story in ‘Innovate For Life.” #InnovateForLife