January - April 2021

Novartis utilizing manufacturing capacity to help in the fight against COVID-19

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Novartis were delighted to be involved in a series of videos featuring voices from across the research-based biopharmaceutical industry describing responses at the company level to the COVID-19 emergency in Ireland.

The self-generated, video footage comes from the frontline of the pharmaceutical industry, featuring over 16 leading research-based companies. Paul Johnson, Head of Finance is talking about ensuring continuity of supply here. Ger Cregan, Head Quality explains the importance of maintaining the high quality in our manufacturing here. And lastly Audrey Derveloy, Managing Director discusses the role of partnerships with patients and healthcare organisations during COVID-19 here.

In science, manufacturing and the supply chain, and through partnership work with the Government, hospitals and charities, the biopharmaceutical industry is supporting the fight against COVID-19.

12th May 2020

A visual tour of scientific strategies for combating coronavirus

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16th April 2020

Novartis Ireland is providing a broad range of initiatives to respond to communities impacted by COVID-19

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27th March 2020

Novartis in Ireland statement on COVID-19, our ways of working and our supply chain

As a healthcare company, Novartis is committed to playing an active and responsible role in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) within our community, and amongst our employees and families.

As such, we have taken a number of measures that we believe will allow us to continue to support the Government and the HSE and those patients that depend on us, but in a way that reduces any potential spread of the virus.

From mid-March, the majority of Novartis employees in Ireland have where possible been working from home. This includes office and field based employees, however some colleagues cannot work remotely, including our Novartis Nurse Service, which supports patients with certain conditions every day and continues to support those patients as necessary, while our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing operations in Cork continues to make medicines for our patients around the world.

So whether you are working from home or continuing to come to work, we want to thank all employees for their engagement, dedication and commitment to patients.

Our priorities in this ever changing environment are to ensure the continued supply of medicines to patients and to protect the health and safety of our employees. We thank our customers and stakeholders for working with us to achieve these aims.

Supply Chain

As Novartis continues to closely monitor the coronavirus situation, our priorities are the supply of our medicines to patients, and the health and safety of our associates. Novartis continues to deliver its medicines to patients and healthcare providers around the world and does not anticipate supply chain disruption for the majority of its portfolio at this time given strong mitigation measures and inventory levels.

We are doing our best to ensure supply continuity, however, the situation is very dynamic and there are aspects that are beyond any one manufacturer’s control. We remain fully committed to transparently sharing updates with our customers should there be any disruption.

Research & Development

In response to an urgent call for research and development on coronavirus, issued by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), Novartis has expressed its willingness to contribute to this important effort by making available a set of compounds from our libraries that we consider suitable for in vitro antiviral testing. In addition, we are evaluating our existing products to see if any could be repurposed beyond their approved indications.

Novartis remains responsive to any developments regarding coronavirus and will take all necessary steps to protect its associates and patients as the situation evolves.

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