PRIDE 2021 @Novartis - Celebrating What Makes Us “Uniquely Us”

Jun 24, 2021

At Novartis, our theme for PRIDE 2021 is “Uniquely Us”. This year’s theme celebrates the fact that we each have a story to tell, a distinct origin that shapes how we see the world. These different perspectives contribute to who we are today and inspire us to lead the way in reimaging medicine for patients.

We have run a series of events throughout June for our associates as part of our PRIDE celebrations. These included a talk on how to create a psychologically safe environment in the workplace as well as opportunities for our associates to share their own stories and reflect on the unique challenges of the LGBTQIA+ community. At Novartis, we want everyone to feel free and safe to be their best and true selves, because it’s our differences that enable our global impact and make us stronger together.

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