Cardiovascular disease (CVD) experts discuss the link between menopause and CVD risk

Oct 30, 2023

According to Our Future Health data, which surveyed adults in the UK, 62 per cent of women tested had high cholesterol, compared to 46 per cent of men1. High cholesterol is one of the most significant risk factors for CVD and this can lead to cardiovascular events, such as heart attack or stroke2.

In addition to this variation, the risk of experiencing these CVD events in women increases after menopause3. A recent survey commissioned by Novartis UK of over 6,000 people in the UK, aged 55 and over, found that only 6 per cent of all respondents recognised a link between menopause and high levels of ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol4, revealing a startling lack of awareness.

This October marks Menopause Awareness Month, and this month’s theme for World Menopause Day (18th Oct), was CVD – emphasising the demand for more awareness to be made of the link between the increased risk of CVD and menopause. That’s why we asked Cardiovascular Specialist Nurse, Michaela Nuttall, to bring together experts in nutrition, cardiac rehabilitation and psychological support, to discuss this important topic and offer holistic advice and support to those affected by menopause and CVD.

As part of the ongoing Get Back in the Game cholesterol awareness campaign with HEART UK, we are continuing to raise awareness of the importance of understanding cardiovascular health and managing cholesterol, particularly for those who have had a CVD event.

Take a look at the advice the experts shared with one another, and find out more about cholesterol management using the link below.

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