At Novartis, we are committed to finding new ways to deliver positive changes for patients across the UK, with a particular focus on improving access to treatments and equitable care.

This requires partnering with patients in everything we do and basing our decisions on experiences and insights from those living with the diseases that we seek to treat. It also means implementing access strategies for our new medicines based on three guiding principles: addressing the needs of underserved populations through research and development; further improving the affordability of our medicines; and strengthening healthcare systems.

Embedding patient insights at every stage

We are proud to be working towards consistently and systematically involving patients across the entire lifecycle of our medicines, including in the development phase.

Patient’s insights and experiences bring immense value to our work, which is why we want to ensure that their feedback is gleaned from the very start, before we begin any new activities in support of patients.

As one of the UK’s leading commercial clinical trials sponsors, we also take every opportunity to seek patient input into the design of our trials to ensure they are undertaken with patients’ needs in mind.

All Novartis clinical trial results are made publicly available, regardless of the outcome, and this transparency allows patients to make informed decisions about potential treatment options and participation in future trials. Results from our clinical trials are available on our dedicated website.

Making a difference

We are accountable to the patients that we serve, so we must ensure that their needs are met by the solutions we offer and the ways that we engage with them.

We are driven by our ‘Commitment to patients and caregivers’, which outlines what patients can expect from us, including pledges to act with integrity, expand access to our medicines, conduct responsible clinical trials and seek insights to inform our decision-making.

We also partner with a diverse range of patient organisations and communities in the UK to reimagine how we can improve more peoples’ lives and help them to enjoy greater quality of life for longer.  Our focus on the needs of underserved populations has driven collaborations which are creating new solutions to provide faster diagnosis and earlier clinical intervention for those who are at the greatest risk of ill-health and poor outcomes.

We are proud to be a bold partner for progress to the patient community.

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