Every day Novartis work towards solutions to the global health challenges patients and healthcare professionals across the world face on a daily basis. We apply our expertise and full organisational capability to address major, unresolved global health challenges.
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Patient-first approach

We prioritise the needs of patients, their families and communities, finding innovative ways to overcome barriers to sustainable healthcare delivery.

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Disease-focused innovation

We focus our scientific expertise to deliver medicines and healthcare solutions, targeting disease areas where we can transform lives.

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Healthcare for underserved populations

We work to make medicines and healthcare solutions accessible, irrespective of geography, income or local health system limitations.

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Health systems strengthening

We work with multiple stakeholders to improve healthcare provision and create new opportunities for medical innovation to benefit lower-income populations.

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Partnering with commitment

We engage for the long term, working with partners and communities to bring complementary expertise and integrated solutions to address global health.

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Listening to society

We listen to what society expects from us and use the insights to determine where we focus, and how we can deepen our role as a responsible citizen.

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Ensuring impact

Our programs are designed using rigorous goal-setting methodologies to ensure we measure and deliver true societal impact.