We believe transparency is good for everyone:

Novartis is proud of its collaborations with NHS institutions, clinicians and patient groups. We believe working together is vital for improving outcomes for patients.

These collaborations are about sharing knowledge and expertise, and we believe it is critical that these relationships continue so that patients can receive the best possible care. They have long contributed to advancements in patient care and the progression of research.

Patients benefit from these collaborations with new and improved medicines, better services and care, and by being treated by clinicians who have benefited from education.

Transparency across the public sector, including healthcare, is increasingly being demanded by the general public, and Novartis believes that transparency is good for everyone. We disclose the financial information related to any collaboration we are a part of, details of which can be found below:

Novartis is fully committed to working with integrity, upholding high ethical standards and following all laws and regulations. We are also guided by our Declaration for Patients - our pledge to patients worldwide. It outlines what patients can expect from us, including a commitment to acting with integrity, providing them access to innovative, high quality medicines and getting their input to improve services.

Novartis fully adheres to the ABPI code of practice and our own internal policies including Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (PDF 0.9 MB) reflecting our commitment to doing what’s right.